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Colocation is a good choice for you if you need complete control over your equipment but do not require the financial burden associated with operating and managing your own data centre

The benefit of Colocation removes the need for large upfront investment by opting instead to situate mission critical equipment in existing shared facilities. Businesses are able to instantly increase both service reliability and confidence since these facilities can accommodate every physical aspect of their IT needs such as sufficient power and carrier connectivity.

Indigo Telecom Group have identified and successfully rolled out the smart colocation experience by encompassing all aspects of the IT infrastructure including:

  • Core Network Services
  • Core Connectivity Services
  • Core Auxiliary Services

The smart Colocation experience:
Scale your Colocation requirements with flexible packages offered by Indigo Telecom Group to help you make those pivotal decisions about your business.

If you would like to know more, please contact for further information.

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