09 June 2021

David Healy appointed Head of SHEQ

David, formerly the HSEQ Manager at 4site, the company acquired by Indigo in 2019, has been with our organisation for 3 years.

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04 June 2021

Evolution of 5G: more new generation than next generation

Much more than an incremental step-up from 4G, the rollout of 5G will be a game-changer, changing the way we think about mobile services and creating new business models.

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25 May 2021

How We Help the Telecoms Digital Transformation Journey

The explosion of data has left many companies wanting to digitise their data. They are scrambling to uncover insights about their business from what has been described as ‘the new oil’, the mass of digital information that’s piling up on their systems.

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18 May 2021

Fibre growth in Europe: FTTH Council Market Panorama

Read this blog to get Indigo’s view of the FTTH Council of Europe’s market Panorama which outlines fibre growth in Europe.

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07 May 2021

The market excitement for fibre must not gloss over its challenges

You may have seen Ray O’Connor, Indigo CRO, talking a lot in the media about fibre challenges. Read his blog here.

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21 March 2021

Press Release: Ian Duggan Appointed Indigo CEO

Former CEO of Indigo’s previous subsidiary 4site, Ian Duggan, has been appointed as Indigo’s new CEO.

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25 February 2021

2021: Time is right for telcos to outsource logistics

Indigo works with highly challenging supply chain environments in over 90 countries to deliver global logistics services to telecoms.

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02 February 2021

Wireless/5G and Fibre working together

Read this blog to find out how wireless and fibre don’t compete with each other: in fact they are complementary and depend on each other.

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19 January 2021

Press Release: Indigo Announce Over 100 Jobs In Ireland

After the strategic acquisitions of Belcom in 2017 and Limerick-based 4site in 2019, Indigo has focused on scaling its workforce to drive further growth across the UK and Ireland. In 2021, the focus will then turn to building its international network with the opening of operations in the USA, Spain, Italy and Singapore.

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11 January 2021

Indigo awarded the IIP Gold accreditation

Indigo is delighted to have been awarded Investors in People (IIP) We invest in people, gold accreditation.

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16 December 2020

Indigo in 2020: acquisitions, growth and ambition

2020: A year that will live long in the memory for every single one of us. With a new year on the horizon, this time of year offers the opportunity for reflection.

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06 December 2020

Fibre Networks in Ireland Can Satisfy Our Need For Speed!

If you’re looking for superfast Broadband, find out why surveying is essentials to build the best fibre networks in Ireland.

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