Indigo support DCs for Bees

DC for Bees

As part of our ESG programme, Indigo supports DC for Bees.

DC’s For Bees is an industry initiative led by Host in Ireland to help save Ireland’s declining bee population. This sub initiative aims to bring an industry together in a way that has never been done before.

Bees are critically endangered.  They are a key contributor to the pollination of our crops and the success of our species is dependent on theirs.

​Sadly, at the current rate of decline, we are set to lose almost 90% of our bumblebees in Ireland by 2050, so urgent action is needed.

The initiative has several programmes to tackle this growing concern in a variety of ways including ambassadors who advocate the cause, a fully developed Pollinator Plan, fundraising & planting days and a commitment to delivering over 1,000 orchards within Ireland by 2022.

​​Indigo is delighted to support Host in Ireland’s ‘DCs for Bees – Orchards in the Community programme by pledging our support to plant, grow and nurture 7 of these orchards within Ireland between November 2021 and February 2022.

Orchards are critically important as a source of protection and food for our declining bee population while also encouraging biodiversity and creating a sense of community among the various groups involved.

This new initiative has been undertaken to plant a total of 1,000 mature mixed fruit orchards all over Ireland by March next year.  Each orchard comes in a bundle of 5 x 5ft-6ft tall trees (1 x Pear, 1 x Plum, 3 x Apple).

Learn more about the ‘DCs for Bees – Orchards in the Community’ programme here.

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