Introducing Indigo

Indigo Telecom Group has rebranded to Indigo and fully integrated 4site – previously a subsidiary – into the company. We are delighted to bring two trusted companies together under one brand and launch the business as a more powerful single entity, a global company with deep skills and expertise across a wide range of telecom, network, and data centre services.

Refreshing the Indigo brand goes far beyond simply updating our logo: it is about redefining our company’s values, vision and commitment to excellence.

Kevin Taylor MBE, Executive Chairman, Indigo said:

“The Indigo board is pleased to announce that the 4site brand will now be fully integrated into the Indigo brand. We are also taking the opportunity to refresh the Indigo Telecom Group brand to align with the next chapter of our growth. With a global footprint in over 90 countries and as partner to most of the world’s top brands, we pair dynamism and diligence, realising and maximising the value of connectivity from end to end, from present to future.”

This brand refresh more accurately reflects this vision to accelerate the limitless possibilities of global connectivity enhancing performance now and into the future.

Indigo Engineering a Digital Future banner

Why now?

In December 2019 Indigo acquired 4site. It would prove to be a transformative acquisition, broadening our services into the design and build of fibre and wireless/5G networks. Indigo and 4site were delivering services to the same companies, and soon realised it was time to bring the two brands together to position ourselves as leaders in design, build and support services.

With significant growth in data centres and hyperscalers, we no longer delivered solely to telecoms companies. So, calling ourselves “Indigo Telecom Group” didn’t fit. Not only did we look at some of the biggest brands in the world, carry out a number of Voice of the Customer Interviews, we looked inwards. Our staff participated in several workshops to help set the tone.

As our CEO, Ian Duggan said:

As a business, a huge reason why we’re successful is the people we have. Having the best talent that is diverse and vibrant is also a key factor for us as we grow our footprint internationally. In addition, our commitment to the principles of ESG is at the forefront of everything we do.

solving for tomorrow banner

Two trusted companies united under one brand.

Our research showed our customers trust Indigo. As a result, we decided to keep the name, and drop “Telecom Group”. The refreshed Indigo brand marks a point when we are accelerating our growth strategy, capitalising on global market opportunities around data centres, Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH), wireless/5G, digitisation and next-generation telco services.

There will be no change in legal entity names, so customers won’t see changes to invoicing and billing.

Our logo

The Indigo logo has been engineered to be simple, clean and contemporary. The symbol is a triangle that is future-focused and always moving forward. These three elements not only communicate engineering and partnership, but represent our core offerings of design, build and support.

Indigo logo and tagline

The Tagline “Engineering a Digital Future”

Our new tagline reflects our inspiring vision of Engineering a Digital Future: we actively drive forward our young and thriving industry; we move faster than the speed of progress; we support innovation with experience.

The Digital Stream

The Digital Stream is used in visual communications to represent a future of limitless possibilities enabled by better connectivity. It encapsulates who we are: flexible and future-focused; elegantly engineered; structured yet fluidly dynamic, agile and responsive.

Purpose/ Why do we exist?

To accelerate the limitless possibilities of global connectivity by enhancing performance now and into the future.


To design, build and support the world’s global digital infrastructure, delivering successful outcomes for our partners and building great careers for our people.

curve company values

Our Values

We keep customers ahead of the CURVE

  • Customer First
  • United
  • Respectful
  • Versatile
  • Excellence

How we’re different

We design to innovate, build to evolve, and support to enhance the performance of digital infrastructure – better and faster.

Powered by the brightest minds and leading technical insights, we maximise the value of connectivity for leading global businesses.

What we deliver

We deliver and support the digital infrastructure of tomorrow. Our name has evolved but our established reputation for excellence in innovation remains.

We are the engineers of your digital future.

We are Indigo.

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