Indigo shortlisted for esri Field operations award

Indigo shortlisted for esri Field Operations award

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And here is why: Have you ever wondered how all those fiber broadband connections magically appear in your local area? It is projects by the likes of Indigo that are making it happen, one survey at a time.

an irish landscape

Picture this

Ireland is a land full of lush greenery, rolling hills, and rocky landscape, yet scattered with challenges when it comes to connecting remote communities to high-speed internet. That’s where Indigo steps in, armed with innovative solutions and a mission to bridge the digital divide.

Surveying the landscape

It’s not just about strolling down the street with a clipboard; it’s about meticulously mapping out every pole, every chamber, and every bit of infrastructure. We’re not just talking about a few dozen spots; we’re talking about tens of thousands of them, all across the country. And it’s not just Ireland we’re dealing with; we’ve been doing the same in the UK, and are expanding in the USA too. a drone doing a survey in countryside

Experience and expertise

Since 2015, we have used data-driven connectivity based on esri GIS mapping tools. We embraced cutting-edge technology like ESRI’s Field Maps, Survey123, and Insights. These tools have helped us significantly increase efficiency and effectiveness in the rollout of fiber projects.

A Day in the life of our surveyors

A field surveyor is always armed with tablets loaded with our own app that was developed in-house. No more sifting through endless yes/no questions; now, it’s all about tailored, streamlined data collection. We’ve saved a huge amount of time as a result – we’re talking seven whole working days per deployment area!

field surveys efficiency stats

The Indigo app also helps to engage with landowners. Our user-friendly forms have slashed the number of attempts needed to secure consent, boosting our success rate from 50% to an impressive 65% allowing for smoother designs.

Better and faster connectivity

The app has helped streamline our processes, saved us time and money, and helped us deliver world-class FTTH services to customers across the UK [Check out the Netomnia case study], Ireland [Read the Siro success story], and Canada.

So, the next time you’re streaming your favorite show or video chatting with your colleagues halfway across the world, just remember – it all started with a survey, a plan, and innovative technology.


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