Indigo tops the “FAST-GROWING FIRMS” on the INSIDER LIST

December 2022

Indigo is delighted to have been named the fastest-growing firm in Wales by Insider Media.

The list, which ranks businesses by their pace of expansion over the past four years, is topped by telecom network group Indigo on the basis of its adjusted average annual growth of 42.1 percent.

The Magor company, backed by Growth Capital Partners, employs more than 400 staff across Europe and the US and has expanded through organic sales growth and acquisitions.

A big part of Indigo’s success is the people we work with. The last few years were bright for Indigo as a company despite all that was going on in the world.

Ian Duggan, Indigo CEO, said “It’s our talent that drives our success and as CEO I want to pass on my gratitude to every employee, past and present, for their contribution to this growth.”

We’ve been fortunate enough to grow our global footprint in the last few years, something we expect to continue with our expansion into the US and the development of our subsea business. In the US we have been particularly busy opening a NOC (Network Operations Centre) to better serve our North and South American customers.

As pressure continues in the global market, we are planning for continued growth. For all of us in Indigo it’s important to continue to develop as a company with a distinct culture, one that we can be proud of. As we move into 2023, we will continue to work on our ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) frameworks, with a particular focus on sustainability.

At the heart of the business is close collaboration with customers across all our different divisions. We have forged many new relationships in 2022 which we look forward to developing in the years ahead.

As a side note, there must be something in the water in Magor as our friends in Edenstone are second on the list. (Our offices are in the same building!) “Housebuilding group Edenstone is in second as a result of its adjusted average annual growth of 40 per cent. Headquartered in Magor, Edenstone has grown quickly and expanded into South West England in recent years.”

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