How Our Customers Are Enhancing Network Reliability

As our world rapidly advances towards more than 60 billion connected devices all interacting in real-time, we partner with customers to accelerate and outpace a future of limitless connectivity, and succeed to enhance network reliability.

Our customers face numerous challenges when it comes to network operations. Network downtime, fault resolution, and maintaining efficient global support can significantly impact their operations. That’s where Indigo’s NOC and Global Service Desk offers support, providing round-the-clock support and minimizing outage times, ensuring seamless collaboration in today’s interconnected society.


Overcoming Obstacles to Enhance Network Reliability

Coordinating support, ensuring consistent performance, and adhering to SLAs across different countries and time zones require meticulous planning and coordination.

Not only that, maintaining efficient communication and collaboration between different teams and stakeholders is critical. With numerous parties involved, such as customers, suppliers, vendors, and field service engineers, effective escalation and coordination become paramount to minimize downtime and mitigate risks.

Digital transformation 1s and 0s

Another challenge is the ever-evolving technology landscape. As networks become more intricate and diverse, staying updated with the latest technologies and adapting to emerging trends becomes crucial. Companies need a partner that not only possesses in-depth knowledge of current technologies but also continuously invests in research and development to offer cutting-edge solutions. (Let’s discuss the impact of AI on digital infrastructure in a future blog!)

Security at the Core


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Ensuring compliance with industry regulations and security standards poses an ongoing challenge. Safeguarding sensitive data, protecting against cyber threats, and adhering to regulatory requirements demand constant vigilance and a proactive approach. [Find out more about our SHEQ and security policies here]

25 Years of Support from the Experts

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The Network Operations Centre (NOC) and Global Service Desk (GSD) are at the core of our operations. With our expert NOC engineers, GSD coordinators, and Field Engineering Teams, we offer comprehensive network monitoring, global engineering resources, and associated technical services. Our team has in-depth knowledge and experience in diagnostics and fault-finding, empowering us to tackle even the most complex network challenges.

Rapid On-Site Support, Tailored to Your Needs

Working hand in hand with our NOC engineers and GSD coordinators, our skilled field engineers, proficient in multiple vendor technologies, swiftly provide on-site support when needed. Whether it’s a matter of hours, next-day assistance, or a pre-arranged time, we prioritize each call based on your specific Service Level Agreement (SLA). With our activities centrally coordinated from Magor, South Wales, you can trust that our responsive team will be there when you need us most.

Indigo NOC support centre

White Labelled Desk Service

We also offer bespoke white-labeled Global Support Desk Services. We can create a new independent centralized entity, standardizing the operating model for field operations and spares management at a global scale. By standardizing the operating model for field operations and spares management on a global scale, each customer has recognized instant savings/cost avoidance through New Projects. [Read how we have done this for other customers here]

Unparalleled Experience, Assured Performance

With 25 years of experience in NOC and Support Services, Indigo stands as a trusted partner for global industry leaders. Our multi-vendor skilled and accredited engineers ensure service assurance and excellent performance, delivering on our promise of a 99.97% SLA achievement. We go the extra mile by securely managing spare parts logistics, enabling timely and efficient support at over 17,000 customer sites worldwide.

Streamlined Operations with Salesforce Field Service


To further enhance our service delivery, we have implemented process automation within the Salesforce system. This innovation enables us to select the right field engineers for specific tasks within seconds, based on their skill sets, accreditation, location, and working hours. Through Salesforce Field Service, we gain complete visibility of our field engineers, allowing us to monitor their working hours, ensure their safety while working, and optimize efficiency.

The Key to Enhancing Network Reliability

With our NOC and Global Support Services, industry giants can rest assured that network operations are safe. Our round-the-clock support, skilled engineers, exceptional SLA performance, and advanced systems integration ensure minimized downtime and seamless collaboration across 17,000+ customer sites worldwide. Experience the power of our tailored solutions and elevate your network resilience to new heights.

Read more about our Global Service Desk and First Line Maintenance Services. Global Service Desk and First Line Maintenance – Indigo (

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