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Growth in North America

From Afghanistan to the US, Indigo has trusted people on the ground, experts in design, build and support for data centres and networks, armed with the deep technical know-how we deliver locally across the world. There is a challenge, however, as we continue to grow our global footprint. We have to assess which markets present the biggest opportunity for us and where it makes most sense to invest our time and resources.

Fortunately, our multinational clients have been helping us make our choices. We work for telcos, tech companies, large enterprises and internet service providers that have brought us across the Atlantic to work on their networks and in their data centres – and they keep asking us to do more.

Atlantic crossing

Right now, we are setting up a new office in the US to meet the growing demand. We have always had a footprint here with a strong team of contractors, and wenow decided it’s the right time to step up our presence and establish a headquarters in the USA.

Remarkably, around 70% of all global internet traffic passes through the State of Virginia which has 30 million square feet of data centre space in an area known as Data Centre Alley. The Alley extends across Fairfax and Loudoun Counties in Northern Virginia and plays host to some of the biggest companies in the world, including Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft.

It all started back in the Nineties when AOL, Worldcom and Equinix moved into the area, gaining further traction in 1998 when one of the first large internet peering exchanges relocated there. Today, a combination of lower-than-average energy costs and fast-track permit construction programmes continue to attract the data centre industry, making it the internet capital of the world and an obvious destination for Indigo.

High-speed global connectivity is assured because of subsea fibre cables that land in Virginia Beach. Earlier this year Google’s Dunant submarine cable system went live, connecting to Saint-Hilaire-de-Riez on the French Atlantic coast. Capable of 250 terabits per second, Google claims it’s the world’s highest capacity submarine connects. Others include MAREA, which connects to Bilbao in Spain, and BRUSA,  which connects to Puerto Rico and Brazil.

Map of Indigo in North America

Talent on the ground

In May 2021 I took on the role of Sales Operations Manager for North America, and my first move was to make contact with development agencies and the Department of International Trade and start looking at locations to set up a HQ.

Though Indigo has broad skillsets we decided to focus on making data centre expertise our main calling card, leveraging design and build skills that serve every kind of client, from cloud providers who want scale, to large enterprises that make security and governance a priority.

Through a combination of remote and smart hands support from our 24/7 Network Operations Centre in the UK, and Design Centre of Excellence in our Innovation Centre in Ireland, we focus on continuous improvement and constant evolution at a time when the appetite for cloud-driven services means data centre occupancy is only going to increase.

The biggest challenges facing Indigo in North America are logistical not technical, having skilled people available to cover the miles, from New Mexico to Maine.  To date, we have relied a lot on contractors but that will change. We already have several job postings up in various cities with more to come.

An important part of Indigo’s proposition is our pool of talent – the way we hire and train people is embedded in our culture and key to the long relationships we forge with clients. It’s a real differentiator in our business and one that we want to bring to all our engagements in North America.

If you are interested in joining our team in North America look at our Careers Page.

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Indigo to create more than 150 jobs in 2021/22 with a further 300 positions planned over three years across the UK and Ireland.

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