Indigo’s USA Growth

Due to our ongoing success and growth over the last 2 years, it’s the right time to establish a stronger presence in the USA. Our Indigo engineering team continues to grow, and we are now developing a purpose-built NOC in Denver.

We continue to work with some of the biggest companies within the technology industry across the globe. We are ramping up our work within the Data Centre area, especially within the US, as we can offer a wide range of services and solutions to our global customers.

New Denver NOC

The new NOC facility will be located in the business area of Downtown Denver, alongside strong companies within the telecoms world. An office in such a significant technological city also means that we can be much more accessible to our customers within the US market.

The NOC team is strengthened globally and we are lucky to have an array of experienced co-ordinators at Indigo in the UK as well. Our purpose-built Network Operations Centre will be the single point of contact for all reactive and proactive support and maintenance requirements.

Fully staffed 24x7x365, our NOC support staff manage the dispatch of the field service engineers and can jointly control the escalation to second/third line support in conjunction with owning the spares parts management process.

Should engineers have to be dispatched to your site, our rapid response and global footprint means that we are always available to provide on-site support to meet 2 hour, 4 hour or pre-arranged time to site service level agreements. Found out about our individual services here.

Why the USA?

Remarkably, around 70% of all global internet traffic passes through America, specifically the State of Virginia which has 30 million square feet of data centre space in an area known as Data Centre Alley. The Alley extends across Fairfax and Loudoun Counties in Northern Virginia and plays host to some of the biggest companies in the world, including Amazon, Meta and Microsoft.

The developments started back in the Nineties when AOL, Worldcom and Equinix moved into the area, gaining further traction in 1998 when one of the first large internet peering exchanges relocated there. Today, a combination of lower-than-average energy costs and fast-track permit construction programmes continue to attract the data centre industry, making it the internet capital of the world and an obvious destination for Indigo. Having this physical presence in such a significant area of the city means that we can present ourselves as far more accessible to our clients.

Map of Indigo in North America

Data Centre services and ambitions for the future

Indigo will continue to collaborate for success with our global customers, by delivering the digital infrastructure of the future. Following our CURVE model allows us to always put the customer first when we carry out efficient projects across the business.

With the wide range of Data Centre Services we offer, we are in a good position to open up new business opportunities. Our case studies, especially within the Data Centre side of things give a good indication of the companies’ high quality solutions.

The constant change of technology within the Data Centre space means that we have to stay up to date to meet specific constraints, and challenge our competitors. We are constantly studying the current market trends and working on new propositions that can benefit our customers’ success.

A big drive of the fantastic work we do is down to our Data Centre Engineers across the world, not only in America. You can find out more about we develop our Data Centre Engineers here. If you are interested in joining our constantly expanding team in North America you can find out more details on our Careers Page.

Our qualified technicians are constantly adapting the latest tools and technology to make sure critical services and POPs (points-of-presence) are always available and never compromised. Our engineering experts meet the fast-changing challenges of security and safety at all times.

In addition to providing comprehensive data centre design services, we deliver a complete range of deployment services such as rack, cabinet and power installation, together with commissioning and integration/migration of active equipment and servers. All information regarding our Data Centre Services can be found here.



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