Indigo Wins Esri GIS Customer Success Awards

We were thrilled to win the Esri Ireland customer success award for Field Operations for our fiber design tools. Our field operations team has consistently demonstrated excellence in developing our survey and design capabilities with GIS tools. Their innovative solutions have revolutionized how we survey existing utilities infrastructure, whether it’s a single pole, a chamber, or even thousands of them.

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Information wants to be free

In today’s world, “Information wants to be free.” It is an expression that means either that all people should be able to access information freely, or that information naturally strives to become as freely available among people as possible. It is often used by technology experts. Pencil icon

Recently, we found ourselves in need of data on sea temperatures, reaching depths of up to 4km. While Indigo may not specialize in surveying and designing submarine cables, our expertise in supporting Submarine infrastructure once they’re built is unparalleled. However, our capabilities extend far beyond the depths of the ocean; we’re adept at gathering information in any terrain, be it rural, or urban.

For years, we’ve honed our skills in the UK and Ireland, mapping out infrastructure with forensic detail. Now, we’re growing in the US market, ready to bring our innovative solutions to new shores.

What is the challenge?

Surveying is not merely about strolling down the street with a clipboard; it’s about mapping out every pole, every chamber, and every bit of infrastructure. And when we say “every,” we mean tens of thousands of them, scattered across the country.

Winning the Esri GIS Customer Success Award in field operations is a testament to our decade-long journey of using GIS for efficient capacity management and project delivery. Integrating tools like Field Maps, Survey123, and Insights has enabled us to revolutionize our survey and design capabilities, setting new standards of excellence in our industry.

Our Survey, design and field operations teams are the driving force behind our success, consistently developing services with GIS tools. Their innovative solutions have streamlined our processes, allowing us to survey existing utilities infrastructure with unprecedented accuracy and efficiency.

There were 56 entries for the esri Customer Success awards. Being shortlisted was an honor in itself, a recognition of our team’s dedication and hard work.

GIS is a huge part of the solution

GIS is just one piece of the puzzle in our survey and design of fiber networks. We’ve come a long way from using pen and paper to embracing cutting-edge technologies that enable us to deliver unparalleled results. Our journey with GIS has been one of continuous evolution and innovation, and winning this award is a testament to our team’s commitment to excellence.

This isn’t the first time we’ve won this award; back in 2020, we were honored in the same category. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to accept it in person due to the COVID-19 lockdown. However, being able to attend the awards ceremony this year was a momentous occasion for us, an opportunity to celebrate our achievements and connect with other industry experts.

The projects showcased at the awards ceremony were nothing short of inspiring, highlighting the incredible work being done in our field. From county councils to local authorities to telecoms and fiber providers, each project demonstrated the power of GIS in solving real-world challenges.

Our award-winning project shows the impact of GIS in deploying fiber broadband networks. By using ESRI applications (Field Maps, Survey123, and Insights) we have revolutionized the surveying process, overcoming challenges posed by the massive undertaking of deploying fiber broadband to every home.

Our solution lies in a data-driven approach, leveraging ESRI applications such as Field Maps, Survey123, and Analysis tool Insights.

Transitioning from ESRI Collector to the advanced Field Maps application streamlined data collection for our survey team. By automating, pre-populating, and introducing conditional questioning, we achieved remarkable time savings of seven working days per deployment area, translating to substantial cost savings.

Survey123 transformed our consenting process, reducing attempts required and boosting the Consent success rate from 50% to 65%. This success directly benefits the design team, optimising designs and reducing client infrastructure costs.

Through the integration of Insights, we empowered client operations to track production figures, enabling accurate forecasting and strategic resource allocation.

Our approach ensures that the crucial elements of Cost, Time, and Quality on the scope triangle are never compromised. By embracing a data-centric strategy, our project has become a model for effective planning, resource management, and timely, high-quality FTTH delivery.

Making a difference


This isn’t just a success story for Indigo; it’s a win for everyone who’s ever wanted better connectivity.

Whether it’s streaming your favorite show or video chatting with loved ones halfway across the world, every moment of seamless connectivity is a testament to our team’s dedication and expertise.

The theme this year is making a difference. And as we celebrate this award, we want to remind you we can help create the right design for your fiber broadband network. Together, we can continue to bridge the digital divide and connect communities like never before.

Here’s to making a difference, one connection at a time.

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