Indigo Data Centre Engineers

Indigo is proud to have industry-leading engineers providing around the clock support for all our customers on a global scale. As a company that strives to put the customer first, core to our company values, we always meet the demands that are expected through our high standard of work.

This is thanks to our hard-working team, who repays the faith and responsibility put into Indigo.

From design to delivery and expert maintenance, we’re boosting operational efficiency for the world’s biggest companies. Our engineers are key to building the world’s digital infrastructure, and support the company’s drive as we continue to expand our Data Centre service catalogue.

Trusting in the training process

Indigo Data Centres

For our engineers, the story starts with our comprehensive training. We educate our team to the highest industry standards, resulting in consistent quality in skills. Progressing through the training process enables the development of relevant Data Centre skills.

We also work with our customers to provide on the job training opportunities, through work shadowing engineers to gain valuable experience.

Read more about Antoni Campos’ development as a Data Centre Project Manager in Paris here.


The work of Indigo Data Centre Engineers

The last two years have proved that the telecommunications industry is more essential than ever, constantly available and always evolving. Whilst lockdowns and restrictions have been present throughout the countries in which we operate; the Indigo team has never stopped.

Working unsociable hours and during holiday periods is a vital necessity for the support of critical systems. When circumstances are tough and an engineer is required in any part of the world at any time, you can always rely on Indigo’s engineers.

Indigo Data Centre Engineers are highly focused, with key attention to detail to allow no room for error for our customers’ requirements. The work rate of our team receives positive feedback from many customers on the quality of the work carried out. Our teams’ qualities are demonstrated through our proven 100% SLA performance last quarter.

Our 24x7x365 Global Service Desk (GSD) also helps engineers to complete tasks more efficiently using our advanced Salesforce FSL system. The GSD arranges access to client locations, and working with our customers as well as the engineer throughout the intervention.


The Future of Indigo’s Engineers and Data Centre Services

Indigo Data Centre engineering services

We are constantly looking to expand our engineering team, with the aim to only get stronger. We develop our apprentices and new starters to mould them into successful future engineers, team leaders, and project managers.

When we combine this potential with the many years of experience we have in our engineering workforce, we are lucky to be in a beneficial position. As a company, we are always looking to continue collaborating with each other to keep the success coming for Indigo and our customers.

Indigo’s recent expansion in the USA has opened a range of opportunities to support our clients. We now have an even bigger team of engineers carrying out critical projects across the country.

The ambition is to maintain and improve on our existing high standards of work. As we continue to expand into new territories, we are building on the experience and knowledge gained through working with our customers.

Our range of activities across the virtual world also continues to expand. You can rely on Indigo’s skill and professionalism to design, build and support all elements of the physical world that support them.

If you’re looking to find out more about the wide range of Data Centre services that Indigo offers, you can do so here.