Unleashing Human Potential in Network Engineering Services

Networks are being rolled out at an ever-increasing pace, from subsea, terrestrial, fiber, wireless, data centers, edge equipment, and much more. Of course hardware and software are at its core. But there’s a silent hero often overlooked—the human element.

The Skills Shortage

Skills shortages have transformed people, not equipment, into the true market differentiator for deploying and maintaining this digital infrastructure. As the sector faces a perfect storm of aging expertise and a scarcity of fresh talent, the spotlight shifts to the individuals powering the networks.

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Indigo Engineers in the fieldWhile networks have become smarter and more resilient, human error remains the leading cause of outages and failures. It’s a paradoxical reality: in a world obsessed with cutting-edge technology, it’s the human touch that can make or break customer experiences.

Engineering talent

Tech companies and Telcos must recalibrate their focus, recognizing that the quality of engineering talent is paramount. In an industry where competitors boast similar technology stacks, it’s the professionalism and expertise of the workforce that sets companies apart. Amidst a global skills shortage crisis, the ability to attract and retain top talent becomes a strategic imperative.

The solution lies in making people the difference. Organizations that own or operate digital infrastructure must invest in cultivating a skilled workforce capable of maximizing network investments. Whether through internal development programs or strategic partnerships with specialized third parties, the focus should be on fostering a culture of excellence and accountability.

Partnerships and outsourcing

Selecting the right partners is crucial. They must possess a comprehensive skill set, spanning design, implementation, and support across diverse equipment vendors and geographical landscapes. Furthermore, a commitment to nurturing new talent is non-negotiable, ensuring a pipeline of skilled professionals ready to tackle tomorrow’s challenges.

Multi-vendor Skilled Engineers

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Some break/fix support will call for multi-vendor expertise and,  depending on your statement of works, may require experience with legacy networks as well as new infrastructure technologies.

Indigo has spent the last 25 years growing a global footprint in over 90 countries, with vendor-agnostic engineers providing in-the-field support to every corner of the world that is consistent, reliable, and cost-effective.

Indigo Global Map

Indigo has the resources to support your infrastructure

We monitor, maintain, and upgrade services around the clock, deploying multi-vendor engineers within hours to provide on-site fixes.

We have two global NOCs that act as single points of contact for all reactive and proactive support and maintenance requirements. Fully staffed 24x7x365, the engineering team triages, troubleshoots, and resolves faults, escalating to suppliers and vendors if needed.

We know that our people are the cornerstone of what we do. Powered by the brightest minds and leading technical insights we maximize value for owners and operators through a comprehensive range of professional and technical services.

Embrace human potential and discover the power of strategic outsourcing and maximize network uptime, enhance security, and optimize network efficiency. Download our free Network Infrastructure Support eBook today.

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