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Full-fibre gigabit networks are recognised globally as the solution to increasing bandwidth demands from businesses and consumers. The European Commission is looking to them as the foundation for achieving its ‘gigabit society’ by 2025, a transition that is already underway in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and North America.

Fibre is the opposite of gold, once it’s in the ground its value rises significantly. It is expensive to manufacture but light to transport, and once deployed it is future proof. Unlike legacy copper networks, there is no signal-to-noise degradation or electric power requirement – fibre is passive and provides the optimal use of duct and rack space, enabling gigabit connections that can carry voice, data and video.

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Incumbent national operators in many countries have led the move away from copper wire to fibre-optic cable, but the pursuit of market competition by governments has encouraged a new wave of AltNets and CSPs (Communication Service Providers) to enter the market. The most valuable opportunity for fibre is frequently in the rollout of Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs) where one fibre ‘pipe’ can be split and distributed in point-to-multipoint deployments covering multiple businesses and hundreds of households.

In the race to connect users and businesses, CSPs and AltNets need to be circumspect in their choice of network infrastructure partner – a poorly executed design and build could escalate costs and impair the quality of the final service. They also need to make provision for continual improvement, identifying an infrastructure partner that can support the network going forward.

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Benefits of Experience

At Indigo, we provide a full turnkey service, an end-to-end deployment model that has developed over many years and evolved to stay ahead of the technology curve. Right now, that means delivering FTTx (Fibre To The ‘Anything’) projects – typically cabinet, home or premises – on time and in budget. We are as comfortable with point-to-point as point-to-multipoint, using GPON and XG-PON fibre technology, always aligning to best-practice design and deployment.

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The difference with Indigo is our attention to detail.  We know from experience that project successes hinges on iterative processes that start with a sound business case, move through survey and design, and culminate in build, delivery and ongoing support. We provide a unique combination of data-driven processes and on-the-ground skills, wrapped in agile and ‘right first time’ techniques, fixing issues and snags as they happen rather than risk paying a higher price at the end. Our Network Operation Centre (NOC) is available to provide 24x7x365 support and a pathway to continuous improvement for the lifetime of the network.

While we have the full capability for end-to-end delivery, we can also step in at any stage of a rollout – survey, design, build. We can also provide network monitoring and maintenance services, delivered as a managed service. Optimised fibre networks are always the outcome, enabled by hard-earned knowledge and practical experience.

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