Small Cell Network Deployment

In a world increasingly dependent on seamless connectivity, the deployment of small cell networks has emerged as a critical component in enhancing mobile infrastructure. Indigo, with a rich 25-year history, stands as a trusted partner in designing, deploying, and supporting small cell networks that embrace the latest technologies, promising enhanced experiences for businesses and more meaningful connections for our customers.

Small Cells Network Deployment


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Key Services

  1. Principal Designer and Principal Contractor Expertise: Indigo takes on the pivotal roles of Principal Designer and Principal Contractor under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations (CDM). This ensures meticulous oversight of project design and execution, guaranteeing a safe and efficient deployment process.
  2. Survey and Detailed Design Excellence: Thorough surveys and detailed design assessments are conducted to determine the optimal placement of small cell networks in urban environments. Indigo’s precision minimizes disruptions, ensuring seamless integration into existing infrastructure.
  3. Customized Solution Engineering: Indigo collaborates closely with clients to engineer custom solutions aligned with their network requirements. This tailored approach optimizes network performance and reliability while adhering to ICNIRP compliance.
  4. Independent Structural Engineer Sign-off: Safety and structural integrity are paramount. Indigo provides independent structural engineer sign-off, certifying that all network installations meet rigorous safety standards and adhere to local regulations.
  5. Comprehensive Town Planning Services: Navigating town planning complexities is made easier with Indigo’s dedicated team handling aspects from site selection to permitting, ensuring alignment with local regulations and community needs.
  6. Efficient Power Management Solutions: Indigo recognizes the importance of efficient power management for network reliability. Our services include comprehensive power management solutions, incorporating backup power systems and energy-efficient configurations.
  7. Streamlined Permitting and Consenting Process: Indigo manages the permitting and consenting process with local councils, streamlining this often complex and time-consuming aspect of the project.
  8. Traffic & Pedestrian Management Priority: Minimizing disruptions and ensuring public safety during deployment is Indigo’s priority. Our traffic and pedestrian management strategies are designed to keep communities moving during the deployment process.
  9. End-to-End Build Services: Indigo handles all aspects of small cell network build-out, from civil engineering to electrical work, earthing, and rigging, streamlining the construction process.
  10. Professional Equipment Installation and Commissioning: Experienced technicians at Indigo handle the installation and commissioning of all network equipment, optimizing it for peak performance.
  11. Robust Fibre Provisioning: Indigo provides comprehensive fibre provisioning services, including ducting, roping, and chamber installation, ensuring robust connectivity for the network.
  12. Mains Power Management: Indigo efficiently manages mains power requirements, covering excavation, trenching, ducting, joint hole installation, and reinstatement of affected areas.
  13. Final Site Acceptance Inspections and Monitoring Services: Indigo conducts thorough site acceptance inspections and offers 24x7x365 monitoring through our NOC & SOC to guarantee quality of service and network uptime.
  14. First Line Maintenance (FLM) and Spare Parts Management (SPMS): Indigo ensures network uptime with bespoke break-fix solutions and an extensive network of FSLs for emergency deployments.


Why Choose Indigo for Small Cell Network Deployment?

Over 25 years, Indigo has built competencies and acquired certifications to meet diverse market requirements. Our engineers are expertly trained in multi-vendor voice, data, and network products. With global coverage in over 90 countries, Indigo provides fast issue resolution. Globe icon

Indigo stands out with market-leading SLAs, recognizing the criticality of facilities that have become business-critical for different organizations. Accredited to ISO 27001 Information Security Management, we deliver disaster recovery and business continuity services.

The fully managed Indigo NOC offers 24x7x365 support, serving as a single point of contact for every client query. Indigo is dedicated to building lasting relationships, fostering innovation, and delivering solutions that stand the test of time.

Future-Ready Networks

To explore Indigo’s small cell network design, deploy, and support services and leverage the networks of the future, contact our team at +44 (0) 1291 435500 or