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Project Engineering – Multi-national Telecommunications Company

“I’ve just had an escalation that we need some engineering resource to assist with an install in Amsterdam all of next week. We have an experienced engineer heading out to site on Monday, to help build out a new set of racks. Whilst he’s confident that if all goes swimmingly, him on his own should be able to hit the deadlines, given the fact that the building we’re ‘moving out of’ will be powered down in the coming weeks, it’s a risk we’re not willing to take.

Do you have any engineers available for Monday through to Friday inclusive in Amsterdam?”
Head of Delivery

For over 60 years our customer’s network and services have been relied on to deliver flawless networked video. Their market-leading network is built on reliable, high-quality fibre.

Our challenge
The customer was given very short notice that the building housing their equipment, vital to support the European and Global TV services, was being demolished. They had at the last moment sourced and secured a new location for the equipment and required support to assist in the equipment move for re-installation and commission. There could be no room for error as the building would no longer exist after the demolition date.

Our solution
Indigo Telecom Group as a team performed at incredibly short notice to secure a highly competent and experienced engineer to form part of the team. The engineer was flown from the UK to Amsterdam to begin work. This was achieved through a spirited can-do attitude across all resourcing departments of Indigo Telecom Group both in Europe and the UK.

Indigo Telecom Group recognise the fast-moving pace of a telecoms network infrastructure and the need to be adaptable and flexible. A customer problem becomes a shared problem when dealing with Indigo Telecom Group and we pride ourselves in the engineering versatility of our resources to solve issues and support our customers.

If you are interested in the advantages working with Indigo Telecom Group can offer, please contact us.


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