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Indigo Telecom Group provides its customers with a complete proof-of-concept (PoC) environment, enabling its customers to test their network design pre-implementation.

Engaging in a Proof-of-Concept exercise acts as a technical evaluation for our customers, informing their decision-making process and giving them the opportunity to adjust their requirements as necessary. It also allows them to iron out any potential concerns or technical issues and ultimately ensures all their requirements are fully understood and met.

The benefits of utilising Indigo Telecom Group PoC services can be summarised as follows:

  • Receive expert advice from our technical engineers
  • Achieve peace of mind that the solution under test will work in your environment
  • Test equipment and network design prior any investment
  • Bring your own equipment to ensure compatibility with the proposed new system
  • Build familiarity, knowledge and understanding of equipment
  • Ensure all requirements are fully met and request any technical/design changes where necessary
  • Iron out any potential concerns before final solution is implemented

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