Installation/Patching of Fibre and Copper Circuits (from patch panel to equipment or equipment to equipment)

Circuit patching is essentially a straightforward process to plan and install.  However, implemented wrongly and without the required attention to detail, fibre and copper circuit patching can be the weak point in your network and in your infrastructure.

It is vital to follow the manufacturers’ correct procedures and best industry practice when preparing and installing fibre and copper circuit patching to achieve optimum performance and reliability.  Areas which can cause issues with performance include insufficient cable management, exceeding the bend radius, putting too much tension on the cable/connectors and overtightening cable fasteners on the cable looms.

The principles of good management for fibre circuit patching are similar to those for copper cabling.  There are special considerations with optical fibre and extra care is needed in some areas. Applying best practices at every stage will also decrease costs related to Equipment Migrations.

The final steps are to ensure the labelling formats are correct, complete the channel testing against the specification, fill in the as-built documentation and the update the records.

Indigo’s Circuit Patching services cover:

  • Patching Schedules
  • Copper Circuit Patching
  • Fibre Circuit Patching
  • Channel Testing
  • Labelling
  • Documentation

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