Cross Connects and Meet Me Room (MMR) services

Cross connects can be either fibre or copper cabling and provide the critical paths to your data and applications.  Indigo Telecom Group ensures that all cross connects are installed within the SLA as defined by our customers. We carefully plan the optimum route of the cross connects through the data centre to ensure diversity where required, eliminate unnecessary hops and improve latency where possible.

We document the route using state of the art mapping technology and maintain sufficient stock levels of cable supplies to ensure short lead times. Provisioning a cross connect is simple and fast. Indigo will install the fibre or copper cable from your equipment to any service provider in the building, campus or exchange.

Indigo Telecom Group take responsibility for all the cross connect interconnections between carriers and customers in the Meet Me Room. This includes policing access, quality control checks and documentation of the interconnections.  We physically label all components – cabling, patch panels, ports and, more importantly, update the inventory to ensure the integrity of your records/assets.

We are certified and accredited installers of all the major global brands of data and fibre cabling. Our technicians are highly trained to the latest global standards including any brand specific installation methodologies.

Working with a significant number of major Data Centre Operators and tenants installing and maintaining cross connects in critical environments, we have the people, processes and systems in place to deliver a cost effective and highly reliable service.

A summary of our Cross Connect and MMR services include:

  • Cross Connects spanning both fibre and copper cabling
  • Cross Connect route planning
  • Cross Connect testing and certification
  • Cross connect capacity management database
  • Large stock profile
  • MMR design and management
  • Dedicated cable management resource