Network decommissioning is an inevitable requirement as technology develops and businesses look to reduce operating costs, improve customer experience, eliminate redundant networks or move traffic to a more efficient network.

Indigo’s network decommissioning and value recovery services enable customers to cost effectively remove legacy equipment by responsibly recycling equipment and capitalising on the inherent value of the component parts.

We minimise the costs of network removal when installing new network infrastructure as our engineers are already in place and aware of your business requirements.

The safeguarding of data is of paramount importance and our secure destruction methods ensure that data is safeguarded and destroyed.

Our decommissioning, disposal and recycling services are compliant with UK and EU legislation and support our certifications in ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems and ISO 27001 Information Technology Security Techniques.

We optimise and future-proof designs from the outset with leading-edge tools, processes, and data, saving our partners time and money.

We partner with owners and network operators to install, test, and optimise fibre optic, wireless, and data centre digital infrastructure.

We monitor, maintain, and upgrade services around the clock, deploying our operations and multi-vendor engineers within hours or the next day to provide expert on-site support.