Digital workflows start early with us – out in the field. Our engineers are using handheld devices that are picking up data at source, interrogating assets live onsite, the information from which can be immediately relayed to the office and processed digitally, whether it’s a drone capturing aerial footage of a cellsite, an engineer with a tablet taking pictures of a duct, surveyors mapping locations with our ‘4Fibre’ app, or a resistograph recording rot in a telegraph pole.  This processed information can then in turn can be re-relayed to site for digital assimilation and cross checking.  Design turnaround along with site maintenance as a result is hugely improved.

The app alone, which our subsidiary 4site, developed in conjunction with Esri Ireland, has delivered a 50 per cent reduction in data collection time and a 25 per cent reduction in planning/design turnaround times.

Back in the office there are a host of software tools that use and generate more data: UAV drone software, mapping systems, BIM (Building Information Management), 3D laser scanners. Our work is all about converting the information they generate into actionable data and optimised workflows.

With more data comes more responsibility. We are an advocate for better data at all project stages and are always exploring new ways to keep it up to date and accurate with an auditable record of different iterations and version control. This ensures the integrity of the data is not compromised nor modified without a clear record of any changes – important for best practice governance, meeting regulatory responsibilities and ticking boxes around ISO standards.

We are constantly exploring new ways of working with data, facilitating workflows that enable us to collaborate and solve problems more quickly. The exciting part, however, is that it’s still early days. Having reinvented ourselves as a data-driven business, we are in prime position to leverage new technologies as they emerge.

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Our Services

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    Active Equipment I&C

    Experienced technical field Install & Commission engineers


    Cell Site Acquisition Services

    Rooftop, greenfield, brownfield, streetside and more


    Cell Site Design Services

    Design-led methodology for cost-effective solutions


    Cell Site Surveys

    Inspections on lattice towers, stayed masts, monopoles & rooftop installations


    Circuit Patching

    Installation/Patching of Fibre and Copper Circuits


    Cross Connects and Meet Me Room (MMR) services

    Cross connects provide the critical paths to your data and applications.


    Data Centre Design Service

    Data Centre Design Service


    Data Centre Survey and Audit Services

    Data Centre Survey and Audit Services

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    Cost effectively remove legacy equipment

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    Capture, store, manipulate, analyze, manage, and present spatial and geographic data in 3D format


    Electrical Installation Services

    Data Centre electrical installation and testing

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    Equipment Migrations

    Upgrade and move networking equipment/infrastructure


    Equipment Racking and Stacking/Server Builds

    Physical installation, power up and testing

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    Fibre Access HLD Services

    design and plan the optimum network architecture

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    Fibre Access LLD Services

    Design-led LLD ensures a successful build

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    Fibre Access POP Design and Planning

    Design and Plan the optimal network

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    Fibre Access Surveying Services

    precisely record all existing site information

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    Fibre Characterisation and Link Testing

    Installing, testing and supporting Global fibre optic networks


    Hot and Cold Aisle Containment Services

    Optimise Cooling and improve energy efficiency


    Logistics and Warehousing

    Safe, quick and consistent delivery of parts

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    Network Monitoring

    Diagnose and solve even the most complex of faults

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    Network Optimisation

    Rectifications, Upgrades and decommissioning

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    Operations and Maintenance

    One-stop solution with a single point of contact for global network support issues

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    Passive Build

    Managing, coordinating and supervising the construction and rollout of fixed and wireless sites


    Power and Data Cable Containment Systems

    Efficient supply and installation of the power and data cabling containment systems

    Indigo Support

    Preventative Maintenance

    Provides regular feedback to drive further improvements

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    Project & Programme Management

    Project managers to successfully guide, manage, and support projects


    Rack, Cabinet and PDU Installation

    Installation of Network Racks and Power Distribution Units

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    Site Acquisition & Survey

    Industry experts with years of experience complemented by first class design and heritage expertise

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    Smart Hands

    SPOC for all global data centre support issues


    Spare Parts Management Service

    Making logistical movement of goods as simple and smooth as possible


    Structured Cabling Installation and Test

    Indigo is skilled in the installation and testing of copper cabling and all types of fibre

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    Town Planning

    Manage all planning aspects of new network roll out programmes


    Wayleaving and Consenting

    Fool-proof process which guarantees accurate and secure data for every premises

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