Equipment Migrations

Upgrade and move networking equipment/infrastructure without disrupting your business

Networks are constantly changing due to the introduction of new technologies, mergers/acquisitions and right sizing projects.  Whether you are migrating legacy network equipment/infrastructure to a newer technology or simply moving/resizing your existing equipment, Indigo’s multi-vendor skilled engineers have many years’ experience in migrating to all types of equipment and technologies.

Indigo’s Equipment Migration service covers several migration processes and procedures including:

  • Method of Procedure creation and sign off
  • Receipt of the “new” networking equipment – audit and document
  • Un-rack and pack
  • Pre-staging
  • Installation/re-rack
  • Power up and commissioning
  • Greenlight testing
  • Migration from the legacy to the new equipment
  • Patching schedules
  • Circuit Patching
  • Decommissioning of the legacy equipment
  • Power down
  • De-installation


Indigo’s Equipment Migration service provides a step by step activity plan for a successful migration.  The service can be tailored to fit specific requirements you may have.  Additional services can be delivered which include:

  • Secure and fully insured transportation
  • Relocation services
  • (Secure) data destruction
  • Removal of power/fibres/copper
  • Remove of overhead trunking
  • Replacement of floor tiles
  • Making good/refurbishment of all areas
  • Recommendations on reduction in aircon/power requirements
  • Updating of carrier inventory systems
  • Removal of legacy equipment
  • Disposal/WEEE certification of legacy equipment
  • Recycle, repair and restocking of legacy equipment
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