The combination of the outputs from the High Level Design (HLD) and the survey forms the basis of the Low Level Design (LLD).  Our design experts integrate the changes and iterations to produce the final design which ultimately results in the job pack for the civils and cabling contractors.

Our methodology is design-led placing significant emphasis on engineering design and network planning to reduce cost in the build phase.  The LLD consists of all elements to ensure a successful build.  It covers, but is not limited to, the POP and feeder locations, civils map, the cabling map, the straight line diagrams (SLDs) and splicing schedule, the Bill of Quantities (BoQ) and the health and safety sheets.

To achieve the final LLD, we work with a wide variety of powerful software tools to maximise efficiency, automate the process and improve the accuracy in the overall design process.  The LLD is available in a range of file formats to ease integration into existing customer/sub-contractor tools, systems and processes.

We optimise and future-proof designs from the outset with leading-edge tools, processes, and data, saving our partners time and money.

We partner with owners and network operators to install, test, and optimise fibre optic, wireless, and data centre digital infrastructure.

We monitor, maintain, and upgrade services around the clock, deploying our operations and multi-vendor engineers within hours or the next day to provide expert on-site support.