Evaluating end to end fibre networks

On behalf of investors and infrastructure suppliers who want to take a close look at the network, we deliver an impartial assessment to give an independent, expert opinion on the network’s state of health and resilience.

  • Highlight: revenue recovery opportunities
  • Assess: design and build guidelines to the deployed infrastructure
  • Examine: compliance with permit history, approvals and rejections
  • Evaluate: contract details, liability periods, guarantees, inspection requirements
  • Inspect: network tests, performance, fibre counts and contingency
  • Check: adherence to shared infrastructure rules, and best practice
  • Analyse: roll out strategies, competitor analysis, and uptake

Our experts evaluate the infrastructure and understand what has or hasn’t been done.

Not only do we do this for investors, takeover targets ask us to do the same to prove to potential investors that their network is healthy and worth investing in.

Fibre due diligence assessmentFibre Due Diligence Graphic graphic

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Fibre expertise and experience

Indigo collaborates with prominent fibre companies such as Rogers, Siro, NBI, Netomnia and CityFibre, along with some of the most renowned brands in 90 countries worldwide.

With a 25-year-long experience in the industry, Indigo has scrutinized every aspect and maintained comprehensive records to comprehend the cutting-edge infrastructure. Despite the industry’s eagerness to adopt best practices, keeping up with the mushrooming demand has been challenging. Being vendor-agnostic, Indigo can operate with equipment from Adtran to Viavi.

Niall Looney Divisional Director, Fibre headshot

Download the Fibre Due Diligence Datasheet