Evaluating end to end fibre networks

In a consolidating market, our engineers work on behalf of infrastructure owners and investors to evaluate fibre infrastructure and understand what has or hasn’t been done.

  • Assess everything from build records and backfill materials to surface dressing.
  • Ensure the right boxes have been ticked on compliance and a complete permit history, with rejections as well as approvals.
  • Evaluate to a granular level contract details, from the defects liability period and the length of the materials guarantee to ongoing maintenance and inspection requirements.
  • Carry out network tests and connectivity checks evaluate current performance while duct space and fibre counts are used to assess future contingency.
  • Question if guidelines for shared infrastructure have been adhered to and if the architecture has been designed to best practice standards.
  • Analyse rollout strategies of the altnet and carry out competitor analysis to determine network penetration and uptake effectiveness.

Our experts evaluate the infrastructure and understand what has or hasn’t been done

We do this on behalf of infrastructure providers and investors who want to take a close look at the infrastructure of prospective takeover targets. not only that, takeover targets ask us to do the same to prove to potential investors that their network is healthy and worth investing in.


Fibre due diligence

An assessment to give independent, expert opinion on the network’s state of health and resilience.

  • What is of value?
    • As Build Records
      • In build installation to specification
        • Depths
        • Backfill materials
        • Surface dressing
  • Network Testing
    • Connectivity checks
    • Light loss
    • OH / UG
    • Contingency for future
      • Duct space
      • Fibre count
  • Network Inventory Tool
    • Live?
    • Change Management process in place?
    • Connectivity checks Vs. physical network
  • Physical Network & Quality of Build
    • PIA & OR Compliance
    • Highways Red Book Compliance
    • NRSWA Compliance
    • HAUC Compliance
    • Council relationship
      • Notices
      • Permit approvals
      • Permit rejections
  • Network Design Guidelines
    • Maturity
  • Network Build Guidelines
  • Rollout tactics
    • % New Build Vs. PIA Infrastructure (Fixed Cost / Fibre Cities)
    • New Build Only
    • Penetration & uptake
    • Competitor analysis in area
  • Contracts due diligence
    • Defects liability period to go?
    • Materials & Hardware Vendors
      • Materials guarantee period
        • Flow downs
        • Installation procedures followed
        • Maintenance & inspection requirements

Indigo delivers fibre expertise and experience

As a network infrastructure design and build specialist, Indigo has partnered with altnets on some of the projects that sprung up around the country- in the UK, Ireland and Canada.

Because we’ve spent 20 years at the coalface, designing, building and supporting fibre and wireless network infrastructure, delving into every detail, developing a granular understanding of what constitutes leading-edge infrastructure. We know there is a willingness across the industry to embrace best practice; the problem is there’s been such a mushrooming in demand that’s it hard to keep up.

We are vendor agnostic and can work with equipment from Adtran to Viavi.

Niall Looney Divisional Director, Fibre headshotFind out more in this blog by Niall Looney “Navigating the risks and rewards of fibre roll out”.

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