Hot and Cold Aisle Containment Services

Indigo has extensive experience of having implemented both Cold and Hot Aisle Containment Systems.

The role of the Hot Aisle Containment System is to provide a barrier to remove hot exhaust air from the server room or data centre rack space and to direct it back to the air conditioning return path.  The Hot Aisle Containment System directs the warm air to the air conditioning return path and the raised floor is used to direct cool air to the racks from the cooling system.  The overall objective is to optimise the efficiency of your cooling system.

By way of contrast, the Cold Aisle Containment System encloses the cold aisle.  The containment stops the cold air from mixing with the warm air before it reaches the servers/active networking equipment.

Cold Aisle Containment System is designed to improve the cooling of server room or data centre rack space.  The containment system restricts and routes the flow of cold air, preventing it mixing with the hot air flow within the server room or data centre rack space. The cold air flow becomes more uniform and predictable and helps to simultaneously eliminate ‘hot spots’ whilst improving energy efficiency.

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