Our highly knowledgeable acquisition and surveying department consists of industry experts with years of experience complemented by first class design and heritage expertise.

We frequently carry out inspections and maintenance work on lattice towers, stayed masts, monopoles & rooftop installations.  Our fibre survey teams provide accurate technical information critical to the success of the project. We survey and design full fibre networks across Europe.

One of the main reasons for the team’s success is the dedicated and expert support from the in-house/resident design engineers, who are there to answer any query or produce a re-design where needed. This ensures unrivalled satisfaction among the key parties to ensure a first-time right network build.

Our design-led thought process coupled with feedback from our surveyors and consenters results in driving down the costs in any project.

Netomnia partners with Indigo for leading-edge fibre rollout programme to connect more premises more quickly to ultrafast fibre broadband.

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R&M delivered bespoke cabling solution to NTT, enhanced by the engagement and involvement of Indigo from conception to project completion

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We have been working closely with NBI to design and plan a new high-speed fibre broadband network for rural Ireland.

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Expert installation and maintenance at Orange Cloud for Business

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We optimise and future-proof designs from the outset with leading-edge tools, processes, and data, saving our partners time and money.

We partner with owners and network operators to install, test, and optimise fibre optic, wireless, and data centre digital infrastructure.

We monitor, maintain, and upgrade services around the clock, deploying our operations and multi-vendor engineers within hours or the next day to provide expert on-site support.