Operating globally, Indigo makes the logistical movement of spare parts as simple and smooth as possible.

Never before has the management and movement of spare parts been so critical to network operators and service providers in increasing network uptime and availability. The requirement for the safe, secure and consistent delivery of spare parts is an essential component of Indigo’s support services.

Indigo helps our customers remain competitive by providing spare parts dimensioning service, local storage and logistics solutions. Our fully managed Forward Stock Locations (FSLs) are strategically located in-country to support our network maintenance services and to ensure strict SLA adherence. The Service Desk co-ordinates the dispatch of field resources and spare parts, 24x7x365, to wherever in the world your equipment is located.

logistics and warehouse

All stock is managed through a secure inventory management system which identifies part movements including replenishment and repairs. Customers are issued secure web-portal access in real-time enabling them to make rapid decisions about the use and movement of their assets.

  • Spares management
  • Logistics
  • Central storage
  • Bar code scanning
  • Goods in and goods out
  • Inventory management
  • Asset tracking
  • Faulty equipment
  • Repair
  • Scrap/ disposal
  • Global Forward Stock Locations
  • Replenishment and RMA

We optimise and future-proof designs from the outset with leading-edge tools, processes, and data, saving our partners time and money.

We partner with owners and network operators to install, test, and optimise fibre optic, wireless, and data centre digital infrastructure.

We monitor, maintain, and upgrade services around the clock, deploying our operations and multi-vendor engineers within hours or the next day to provide expert on-site support.