25 years of survey & design

Through a powerful combination of survey, design, and planning expertise, we have a unique solution encompassing high-level designs, surveying, low-level designs, bill of quantities, civils/cabling maps, and hazard identification to meet the growing demand for connectivity, driven by governments that want to support evolving digital economies.

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Indigo Design engineers

Experience and expertise

Through a powerful combination of experience in survey, design and planning expertise, we have developed a unique solution encompassing the following

    • High level designs
    • Survey, wayleaves, consent
    • Low level designs
    • Bill of quantities
    • Hazard identification / special engineering difficulties
    • Build supervision and sign off
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Indigo Subsea Connecting Continents

Technology combined with process automation

We collect rich data through a variety of tools: drone surveys, our own 4Survey apps, GIS mapping, electrometer, and much more.

Our surveyors are trained to find and precisely record all existing site information and propose the most practical solution based on client specification and any known constraints.

By combining these data sets we achieve optimized designs for fiber, wireless and subsea networks.

Indigo engineer working with cables

Excellent Service and Performance

We convert all the survey information into actionable data, stored centrally as a single source of truth.

We meet the growing demand for connectivity, driven by incumbents, AltNets, investors, and governments that want to support evolving digital economies.

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One of the areas we are experts in is the survey & design of fiber networks. Whether you are an incumbent Network Operator, an AltNet, or an Investor, this eBook will help you discover the Secrets to a Successful rollout of Full Fiber.

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Ogi forges connected partnership with Indigo, from network design to NOC support.

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Indigo offers Cellnex a turnkey solution to turn new tower infrastructure sites into revenue generators in rapid time.

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Netomnia partners with Indigo for leading-edge fibre rollout programme to connect more premises more quickly to ultrafast fibre broadband.

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R&M delivered bespoke cabling solution to NTT, enhanced by the engagement and involvement of Indigo from conception to project completion.

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