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Operating throughout the UK and Europe, we aim to make the logistical movement of goods as simple and smooth as possible….

Never before has the management and movement of assets been so critical to network operators. The requirement for the safe, quick and consistent delivery of parts is now an essential part of offering network support services.

Indigo Telecom Group helps its customers remain competitive by providing global expeditious transportation services and logistics solutions which includes hardware, cables, and a wide range of packaged materials (consumables), meeting scheduling and budgetary requirements with consistent predictability. Our UK and European Forward Storage Locations (FSLs) hold a range of multi-vendor technologies to support our network maintenance activities and ensure strict SLA adherence.

All stock is managed through a secure inventory management system which identifies part movements including replenishment and repairs. Customers are issued secure web-portal access in real time enabling them to make rapid decisions about the use and movement of their assets.


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