The Customer

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2RN Transmission Networks DAC t/a 2RN is a wholly-owned subsidiary of RTE, 2RN who distributes and transmits the programme services of RTE national radio and television services. 2RN also provide transmission services to several local and regional radio broadcasters as well as site services to mobile telephone and broadband operators, private communications companies and the emergency services.

Indigo (previously operating as 4site) was awarded the contract for a number of new tower sites for 2rn. The first site completed was in Donegal which included the design and installation of new foundations, compound and supply of a 30m lattice tower. The Indigo team delivered a flawless site which was made more difficult to construct due to the proximity to an existing 2rn mast and the challenging access to/from the site. I found Indigo to have a very strong attention to detail, are focused and very professional both in construction and the overall management/design of the project. The project was completed in a timely and efficient manner and I would highly recommend the use of their services on similar projects.

The Objective

The task was to design, detail and fabricate a new heavy-duty 30m free-standing lattice tower within a new fenced compound in between an existing stayed mast and another lattice tower without any service disruption.

The transmitter site is located on a remote hilltop on the tip of the North coast of Co Donegal.

Indigo won the competitive public tender and was selected by 2rn to provide the solution including the construction of the new reinforced concrete tower foundation and the fenced compound.  This is one of four or potentially five-tower swaps proposed under the single contract award.

The Challenge

The biggest challenges were access/egress using the existing narrow winding track through a farmyard and having to construct the site during the Covid-19 restrictions however having been granted “essential worker” status the site was successfully completed on budget and on time to the complete satisfaction of the end Customer.

The Solution

Indigo provided an all-encompassing service incl.

  • PSDP and PSCS (aka. Principle Designer and Contractor)
  • Site Survey
  • Detailed Design
  • Foundation Design
  • Clearing of site including temporary site security & welfare facilities
  • Clearing and construction of access road to site
  • Rock breaking
  • Design and installation of 8m x 8m x 1.2m tower base including reinforcement
  • Design and installation of tower earthing system
  • Design and installation of chainlink fencing and gates
  • Form hardstanding area for crane setup and lift
  • Crane hire and lift plan on behalf of 2rn
  • Design, supply and delivery of 30m tower including antenna interface steelwork, anti-climb, ladder, rest platforms and mounting support poles
  • Supply of fall arrest system (Latchways)
  • Provision of as-built site layout drawing in AutoCAD format
  • Provision of detailed tower drawing in AutoCAD format
  • Supervision, management and certification

The Result

The new tower was assembled and erected, allowing for uninterrupted service, with the new replacement antenna array being rigged on site by 2rn.  One of the key conditions was that no downtime was permitted (outages) to maintain customer service throughout.  The new structure was designed specifically for 2rn to include a bespoke interface section for the new 6m UHF antenna spine, weighing a total of approx 2.7 tonnes at 30m AGL.

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