Ever since its establishment in 1899, our customer has strived to maintain high ethical standards, create products and services that provide value to our customers, and become a company trusted and chosen by all of its stakeholders.

The Group is currently focusing on leveraging its strengths in information and communications technology to offer solutions for society capable of increasing the sophistication of infrastructure systems and services indispensable to society. Through these business activities, the group remains committed to collaborating closely with each and every one of its stakeholders.

Our challenge

Under traditional methods of working, a site outage would last between 240 minutes and 300 minutes for a link upgrade, therefore trying to achieve the same outcome but reducing the outage time by almost 50% provided a significant challenge. This challenge encompassed engineering teams, project managers, and technical departments to deliver a site within a 180 minute outage window. This all had to still meet the exacting quality and Health and Safety standards.

We have a challenge to ensure that we do not impact our customer mobile phone networks by increased cell site outage times. The work we complete to upgrade the network must be as seamless as possible therefore the maximum site outage will be 180 minutes. Whilst this is unprecedented in the industry we have to find innovative ways to work and co-ordinate efforts across multiple departments and organisations.
Project Director

Our solution

Indigo worked with the supply chain in getting equipment to site on time every time. All engineers were fully-prepared and a smooth interconnected working methodology enabled the transition of legacy equipment de-installation and new equipment installation.

A strong working relationship with the project office ensured cost and efficiency were kept on track throughout the project.

The site outage team worked closely with the onsite engineers to ensure that site outages were less than 180 minutes.


Minimising the outage time across the network ensures the disruption to the network is negligible. Customer Service levels are maintained, and positive provider perception is ensured.

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