Ogi forges connected partnership with Indigo, from network design to NOC support

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“What I like about Indigo is that it’s a true partnership. They’re driven in the same ways as we are – it’s the idea that good can always be better.”

Doug Williams, Director of Engineering & Network Operations, Ogi 

Indigo has become an end-to-end partner for Ogi, supporting the delivery of a full fibre rollout across south Wales, providing much-needed experience to the fast-scaling telco business in Wales.


In 2021, Ogi propelled onto the alternative network (altnet) operator market with a multi-million-pound first phase programme to become largest home-grown fibre-to-the-premises (FTTP) provider in Wales. The telco has grown tenfold since then, employing around 200 staff and supporting hundreds of local jobs through its supply chain.  

 Supporting the scalability of the rollout, Ogi chooses Indigo as a partner, initially for survey and design work in a number of urban areas, eventually supporting Network Operation Centre (NOC) services to provide 24/7 support.  

The Challenge

Ogi, a company aiming to bring high-speed broadband to rural Wales, partnered with Indigo for our expertise in network design and support. Ogi recognized the need for a reliable plan that could be effectively implemented, and Indigo provided the necessary clarity and high-quality design.

Additionally, Ogi sought 24x7x365 service desk support to ensure prompt response to network issues and maintain customer trust. Instead of expanding its internal capabilities, Ogi outsourced to Indigo, as they had prior experience in designing the network. This collaboration allowed Ogi to rapidly expand its services while ensuring customer satisfaction.

The Solution

Indigo’s extensive experience was applied throughout the design process, including site surveys, equipment planning, and design submission. The designs played a crucial role in establishing positive relationships with stakeholders, setting timelines, and gaining everyone’s cooperation from the start.

Steve Cooper praised Indigo’s practical approach and highlighted the successful working relationship between Indigo and Ogi’s counterparts. Both companies maintain open communication to learn from each project and improve collaboration. For incident management, Ogi needed a scalable solution for 24x7x365 customer support, and Indigo’s NOC in Magor, South Wales, fulfills that requirement, ensuring business continuity.

The Result

Indigo has supported Ogi in the initial phase of its FTTP rollout and provided scalable NOC support, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity for customers. Indigo’s decision to integrate its network monitoring system with Ogi’s open-source platform impressed Doug Williams, as it provided enhanced visibility and added value.

Doug describes the partnership with Indigo as a true extension of the team, emphasizing our collaborative approach and shared goals.


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