Our customer is one of the UK’s leading public transport providers enabling more than a billion journeys each year on bus and rail services. A huge importance is placed on partnership, adopting a collaborative approach with governments, local communities and strategic partners; developing and operating services that create long term value.

We are looking to upgrade the Communications Infrastructure network for South East Rail on over 140 stations and as such need a reliable partner to not only plan and manage the swap-over programme throughout the South East region but to also fully understand the implications of working in a live, real time environment.
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Our challenge

• To upgrade the Communications Infrastructure network in a live environment with tens of thousands of commuters travelling daily
• Communication infrastructure is mission critical – ticketing / vending machines, access control barriers, emergency station telephony and announcements, so smooth transition and seamless transfer of service is paramount

Our solution

After carrying out initial site surveys, the Indigo national logistics team took delivery of all new equipment and organised pre-staging and pre-configuration prior to sending to each train station location to ensure there were no D.O.A.s on site. Once on site, Indigo prepared and installed the new infrastructure and, working closely with the customer NOC, migrated all services across in a true live environment, ensuring all services were tested, proven and back up and running.

Indigo was responsible for the reverse logistics of the migrated and removed hardware and has professionally disposed of all redundant equipment, in line with Indigo’s hazardous and controlled waste certification and 14001 and 18001 accreditations.


As the franchise for South East Railways is expiring at the end of 2018, budget for this project was minimal. Fortunately, the implications of not upgrading the network were recognised and the value was more in the prevention of the “what-if” scenario should any major incidents have happened because of old legacy infrastructure equipment failing.

Indigo completed the entire swap-out programme within the 3 month timescale with a dedicated team of ring-fenced engineers completing the project on time and within budget.

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