Lauren Brooks, Service Assurance Executive

Career Progression in Indigo

Working in a bank and not happy about it, I was looking for career progression, a new challenge, and a more exciting career opportunity. That was seven years ago; today I’m a key member of the Global Service Assurance team at Indigo and I look after three of our largest customers and some of the biggest hyperscalers and telecommunication companies on the planet. (Meta, Vodafone, and Zayo).

My journey started when I heard about a temp position in Indigo’s Global Service Desk; I knew nothing about networks or telecoms but was ready for a change.

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Luck was on my side because Indigo had just won the support contract for the large global IP network and was looking to build a support team. Although I had a very junior role at the start, I was joining at the perfect time. I spent a lot of my first couple of weeks getting to know the client’s business and understanding precisely what they wanted from us.

Never looked back

The workload grew quickly and after two months I was recruited full-time. I’ve never looked back. I started working shifts for Indigo’s International Dispatch and Control Centre (IDCC) on the helpdesk, where we act as middlemen, dispatching Indigo engineers to customer sites if there was a problem. (The IDCC is a bespoke white-labeled Global Support Desk Service. Find out more in this blog) I had helpdesk experience in my previous banking job, but it was nothing like Indigo. Every day was different and challenging in a good way.

I would get a call about a problem with a site and issue a ticket. Then I had to line up the Indigo engineer, explain the problem and track the progress of the work until the issue was resolved and the ticket could be closed. All our clients’ customers include huge global brands and companies that stand to lose a lot of money any time their networks go down, so it can be a lot of pressure.

After ten months I was made Team Leader, overseeing six people. I was having weekly operations calls over Teams with our clients, just to make sure there are no issues and to be updated on any new network sites that were coming on track. It helps that there is a really good relationship between Indigo and our customers. One of the nice things about Indigo is that they bring you into projects from the start and encourage you to deal directly with clients and get to know them.

When I first joined, I struggled with some of the language around the technology, and I was worried that I would never understand it, but it’s incredible how quickly you can pick it up with training and just through experience.

Promoted through the ranks

After two years as Team Lead, I was promoted to Service Assurance Executive. It’s now my job to make sure that the services we provide to my customers meet pre-defined service level agreements. Basically, it’s my role to make sure they get the service they are paying for and that we have the logistics and engineers in place to support them. I work with systems and IT treams to develop our workstreams and implement automation to help improve customer accounts & reports.

If an issue is escalated, it’s now my responsibility to put in a root cause analysis and discuss the results with the client. I think it just helps massively that I’ve been working with many of the same faces since I started. It’s always been a good and productive working environment.

Part of my role is compiling reports which we present to the client management team every month in a face-to-face meeting (on Teams during Covid). We give them an update on how tickets were resolved and progress around new sites. It gets quite high-pressure and demanding, but I’ve got an excellent manager who supports me and has an excellent relationship with the client teams.

Right from when I started seven years ago, I was always made to feel part of something at Indigo. That hasn’t changed. It’s what got me thinking about the career in telecoms that I have been able to pursue.

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