About May, Team Leader

May is engaging and communicative from the off and it’s easy to see why she has risen quickly through the ranks.

I explain to May that we wanted to be able to provide –YOU – our potential hires for Indigo Telecom a real-time picture of what it is like to work there and what has been the secret to her success.

May is modest regarding her achievements – but has communicated perfectly what’s on offer – the advice if you’re wondering if you should apply – “DO IT “

What was your previous background?

I have worked in contact centers my whole life; most were very strict and always target based. Nearly every call was a complaint and no matter how hard I worked I felt my efforts were unnoticed.

What led you to apply for Indigo Telecom Group?

There were a few reasons really, the location is good for me – no more long M4 commutes are a definite plus but more than that Indigo offers a friendly, relaxed, state of the art working environment where no two days or calls are the same – I could see early on there was a real opportunity to learn and grow.

What training and support were you offered?

Right from the start, there is a four-week training program – add to these fabulous team leaders who are knowledgeable and happy to help. In fact, it was my team leader who inspired me to do well, I was encouraged to take on more responsibility, take any training offered and ultimately this allowed me to shine.

I worked hard for my promotion  – I studied in my own time and I made it known that I wanted to get on in the company. My team leader allowed me to support them with some higher-level queries and by the time my performance review came around I had a body of evidence to demonstrate my ability to work at a higher level and indigo didn’t hesitate in offering me a promotion.

What’s a typical day like for a team leader?

Well there really is no such thing, we have new customers and processes and developing systems all the time – that’s what I love the most – you’re always learning new things!
I mostly manage e-mails that come in from customers who need to raise a request for an engineer to attend their site, I make sure we have gathered all necessary information and detail required to ensure we deliver on our promises to the customer. It’s very rewarding and customers are often very grateful.

How do you find working shifts?

I love it – I can’t imagine ever going back to working five days a week. At first, I thought I would struggle with the 14-hour nights, but it was a breeze and getting home and thinking I only have one day left to do was surreal. the way our shift pattern works is if I start on Monday then I have Monday, Tuesday day shifts then Wednesday and Thursday nights – then I’m off for four, and the pattern the next week starts on a Tuesday and repeats so whilst we do work some weekends, I have many off and even when I have got a weekend rostered in it sometimes doesn’t have to start until 5pm so I’ve had the whole day to myself.

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