Rich Hollins Global Operations Director

We are thrilled to mark yet another significant milestone in our Indigo journey as we announce the appointment of Rich Hollins as our Chief Operations Officer (COO). (See Rich’s LinkedIn profile here)

Ian Duggan, CEO captures our collective sentiment, “Rich’s appointment signals a new chapter of growth at Indigo as he will deliver operational excellence to our customers around the world. Having already dedicated six successful years to Indigo, Rich has demonstrated exceptional commitment, expertise, and leadership.”

As we look forward, Rich steps into the shoes of Ian Gauntlett, who retires after a legacy-rich journey of 9 years with Indigo. Ian’s retirement follows a contribution in nurturing international expansion and fuelling significant growth.

As our new COO, Rich and his team will play a pivotal role in enhancing our operational efficiency, optimizing processes, and ensuring seamless coordination across our worldwide operations. Focusing on customer satisfaction, his insights and experienced leadership will help uncover innovative solutions, enabling our clients to create enhanced business experiences and forge deeper connections with their own customers.

Speaking on his appointment Rich Hollins said “I’m eager to leverage my two decades of IT and telecom expertise to deliver efficient solutions for our customers and find new tech solutions for old problems. With Indigo’s commitment to growth and innovation, I’m excited to steer a dynamic team, to design, deploy and support our customers’’ digital infrastructure.”

This appointment is not just a recognition of Rich’s talent and tireless efforts, but also a testament to the growth opportunities that Indigo proudly offers to those who embody our values and contribute passionately.

Join us in celebrating Rich’s journey and well-deserved promotion to COO. As Indigo embarks on continued global growth, we are excited to witness the positive impact he will continue to bring to our company and industry as a whole.

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