Indigo is now part of the Qualcomm Advantage Network

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Qualcomm is a global leader in developing 5G edge computing. With a breadth of Qualcomm Technologies-based solutions addressing diverse vertical segments, Indigo now helps deliver greater efficiencies, cost savings, safety, and sustainability to cities and private industry as part of the Qualcomm Accelerator Network.

In September 2021 Indigo is participating Qualcomm Smart City Accelerate 2021 where Indigo will be meeting with cities and private industries that are deploying 5G solutions. [Learn more about our Private 5G services]

Indigo is providing input as an integrator to an important break out session during the 2 day event.

5G Network Solutions with Distributed Micro-Cloud Computing for Smart Vertical Market

The large-scale shift in physical access to the wide area network by Smart Spaces, Smart Things and Smart Workers is now further facilitated by the core network architecture of 5G delivering a “converged fixed and mobile network”. The virtualized network functions, separating the data, control, and management planes, further enable a new type of distributed network architecture supporting dedicated logical network slices as well as private 5G networks. Along with smart edge computing hubs and cloud services provide for the next generation of highly integrated wired and wireless networking, computing and security solutions that can deliver a wide range of exciting new services and managed applications to enterprises and consumers alike. This includes smart buildings, campuses and homes, smart retail, smart kiosks and smart farming that will be presented including some live demonstrations.

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Explore these wireless services, from precision survey and detailed design assessments to custom solution engineering tailored to your unique specifications. Indigo acts as your trusted partner, ensuring compliance, safety, and efficiency throughout the entire deployment process.

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SHEQ, (Safety, Health, Environmental & Quality) underpins everything we do. Three main priorities are nearly always the same: protect the health and safety of people at work, protect the health and safety of people who are not employees but are affected by our work, and protect our staff from hazards from equipment, materials or processes we might use in the workplace.

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Indigo is entering a new phase of growth as we offer more NOC services including subsea systems operator support. As business and consumer demand for bandwidth shows no sign of slowing down, the pressure is on service providers, not just to increase capacity but also to improve network efficiency.

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